Medical devices for Healthcare Industry since 2001.

1. HF200 and HF400 system

HF400 and HF200 is a radiography system consisting of a Tube stand with an X-ray tube, a Simplex/horizon table, and a generator with a generator console.

Electrical control:

The X-ray generator is diagnostic X-ray exposure equipment for medical treatment.
The capacity of this X-ray is from 40kV~125kV, 10~400mA and it can be operated
with an efficient capacity of 32kW, 15kW.


High power, high-frequency generator with stable DC supplies.
Available in maximum output power of 15kW to 32 kW.
Auto Calibration
Error check program enables fast fault detection
APR techniques may be modified by the operator.
User-friendly operation console and data display.

2. LF 60, 100, 300 and 500 mA mobile and fixed x-ray system.

Electrical LT Panels:

PLC, VFD, Soft starter, Star delta and DOL panels ranging from 2 kW to 250 kW

Medical Devices:

Medical diagnostic analogue and digital x-ray machines ranging from 60, 100, 300 and 500 mA Low frequency and High frequency products.

3. Collimator of the X-Ray system.

This X-ray Collimator is used with an X-ray tube to restrict and define the area covered by the X-ray beam and also to reduce radiation. The X-ray field dimension is able to be adjusted manually, the Collimator is designed and constructed within the specification imposed within practical limitations to provide protection against all unwanted X-ray radiation emissions.

4. Mechanical Tables and x-ray tube positioner columns

The Simplex table is an X-ray Table used for the x-ray examinations from head to toe.it is a manual tilt with a fixed table top. It allows exposures to fulfil the clinical applications for all standard radiological diagnostics for Example, thorax, lungs, abdomen, extremities, spine, skull, and hip on lying, sitting and standing patients as well as free exposures. Its installation, service, and user-friendly design always ensure efficient operation of the unit.

Tube Stand
The tube stand is floor to ceiling-mounted type.it is a manual movement by using the knob. Its vertical movement is counterbalanced.